Jakub Riegel

Jakub is the CTO at Deltologic, an agency delivering custom solutions for marketplace businesses. The engineering department supervised by Jakub at Deltologic solves complex e-commerce challenges on daily basis. His energy and positive altitude is often complimented by people he works with. Jakub leads the team with two principles in mind: to support the developers in their personal growth and to support diverse engineering culture in the team. The energy and expertise Jakub shares with others helps his clients and business partners in democratising access to the latest technologies for organisations of any size. He is an experienced engineer with a Master’s degree in Informatics from a top-tier Technical University of Munich. Before starting his business journey, Jakub worked as a Software Engineer at Allegro, currently the biggest marketplace in mid-east Europe. After hours you can meet Jakub hiking on a mountain trail or walking around an art gallery.


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