Ant Finch

Ant’s journey into the realm of sales began unexpectedly after college, diverting him from his original path of becoming a journalist. The allure of closing deals captured his interest, igniting a passion for numbers and data that has defined his 17-year career. Over the years, he collaborated with major retailers such as Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Staples, and WH Smith, and delved into the world of online retail with Amazon, where he found his true calling. Crafting strategies that matched his pace, he propelled brands to success, all while managing an ever-expanding team. For Ant, genuine success isn’t about personal achievements but guiding others to recognize and achieve their goals. Outside the dynamic world of Amazon, he finds solace in personal fitness, family time, and adventures in his campervan, Swampy. A natural absorber of knowledge and experiences, Ant thrives on continuous growth, a trait aptly captured by a friend: “What sets Ant apart is his energy and hunger to succeed. He is restless, inquisitive, and interested”—a sponge, soaking up insights to fuel his ongoing success and development journey.

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