Sergii Timoschuk

Sergii is a CEO and a co-founder at AMS Pilot. He has more than 8 years of experience in e-commerce. He came from the cyber-security sector in 2015 when he founded his first Private Label business on Amazon. Then, in 2019, he achieved an exit with one of his brands in the watches and accessories niche. Additionally to the PL brand, he established a Kindle publishing agency that has sold more than 1.5 million books. As a CEO and a co-founder of AMS Pilot, Sergii and his team are committed to expanding Amazon businesses through PPC advertising. The team’s primary KPI is the net profit growth from all PPC advertising activities. Nowadays, Sergii and the AMS Pilot team have 2 brands and help 40+ clients scale their businesses on Amazon. Over their operational span, the team has generated $325 million in advertising sales. The AMS Pilot company’s mission is as follows: “Become reliable partner for worthy brands and help them scale their value and gain extra result, with no unrealistic promises”

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