Andy Hooper

Andy Hooper, CEO of Global E-Commerce Experts, has been successfully expanding businesses into new markets for over 15 years. An accomplished specialist in e-commerce, Andy now works with companies around the world providing comprehensive gateways and solutions to new markets, especially US-based organisations transitioning into the EU. Starting from the ground up, Andy, with sleeves rolled up attitude has carved out a unique industry inspired by his own experience and success of growing organisations profits through e-commerce.

As a keen fitness enthusiast with an infectious energy for success, Andy leads a team of professionals in all aspects of e-commerce. With fulfilment centres in the UK & EU, the Global E-Commerce team provide hassle-free end to end solutions that have helped 1000’s of sellers capitalise on the multi-billion dollar UK & EU markets. When not working, Andy can often be found enjoying sailing, cycling, and kayaking with his friends and family on the stunning waters of England’s south coast.


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